Recommended Massage Treatments

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services has compiled an excellent summary of the benefits and considerations for use of massage therapy. Listed below are our recommendations for the specific conditions referenced on their NCCIH Website, and some additional recommendations from our staff of certified massage therapists.

Chronic Low-Back Pain

Chronic Neck Pain


Cancer Pain

Our signature Tibetan massage is generally recommended for these conditions. We first use Swedish massage with Hot Stones to loosen the muscles (with a focus on what’s ailing the client). Then we incorporate Deep Tissue techniques (based on the client’s pain level) to further help alleviate muscle tension. We then incorporate Thai techniques to limber the body while simultaneously eliminating energy blockages. We use organic coconut oil combined with mild to moderate stretching. Most clients report significant pain reduction after Tibetan massage.

Depression and Anxiety


We recommend Swedish massage to start. Thai massage would be the next step after Swedish only if the client wishes.